• For many years working in different areas of the economy in Austria and abroad, working with people in the psychosocial field became more and more important to me and in 2007 I decided to start my training as a psychotherapist in Austria.
  • Since 2013 private practice Geologengasse in 1030 Vienna
  • Since 2016 employed at the Psychosomatic Rehabilitation Clinic Gars am Kamp
  • Since 2018 head of the psychotherapy group "Reha-was-nun"
  • Social-therapeutic department in SMZ OST (Social Medical Center East)
  • Acute psychiatric department in the SMZ OST (Social Medical Center East)
  • Psychosomatic Clinic in Eggenburg


  • Psychotherapeutic treatment of adults - in group and individual settings
  • Special areas: burnout, stress disorder, depression, bereavement work, life crises, women's issues, reorientation after severe life events, anxiety and panic disorders, trauma; in general: all psychiatric disorders except acute psychosis and acute suicidality
  • Head of psychotherapy group "Reha-what-now" of a fortnightly psychotherapeutic discussion group to help people after their inpatient stay in a psychiatric rehabilitation clinic to integrate the experiences made during the rehabilitation and the insights they gained into everyday life and to maintain their progress. Please contact for more information.
  • Languages: German, English
  • Working in private practice in Vienna 1030, employed in Gars am Kamp