• For people who seek psychotherapeutic support in difficult life situations and wish to relieve or heal problems or states of emotional suffering in a sheltered environment and with the aid of a psychotherapist. 
  • who want to know themselves better, promote their own personal development and recover or enhance their sense of self-esteem and their joy of life. 
  • who wish to embark on a professionally guided, emotionally deep journey of personal development with a psychotherapist. 
  • Special areas of focus at Geologengasse 5: returning to work after an occupational timeout / crisis / illness 
  • Therapy option: Integrative Gestalt Therapy, Katathym Imaginative Psychotherapy (KIP) 


  • For people seeking support during career changes (new job, new role, new company) or conflicts (with employees, superiors, in the team).
  • seeking supervision in challenging working environments (eg psychosocial field)
  • who want to engage in a dialogue with a coach or supervisior with the aim of being better able to identify their resources, change their perspectives more easily and develop new solutions. 
  • Coaching Approach: Systemic Coaching 


  • For people with leadership tasks seeking advise how to enhance know-how and awareness for psychological health themes in their understanding of leadership, within their team, company or organisation. 
  • who want to develop a healthy way of using personal ressources as well as team ressources supported by individual counselling, workshops or by projects of company health.
  • who wish to gain know-how and to raise sensitivity for themes like mental crisis or prevention of mental illness (e.g. burn-out, depression and addiction).
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